Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

Analysis of PFAS Specified in EPA Method 537 and Beyond using Shimadzu UFMS

Courtesy of Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

This application note demonstrates the use, performance, and compatibility of Shimadzu ultra-fast mass spectrometry for EPA Method 537 with an expanded compound panel of seven additional PFAS. A total of 27 PFAS were extracted, separated and detected with triple quadrupole mass spectrometers, LCMS-8045 and LCMS-8050. Recoveries of 86-106% (LCMS-8050) and 77-104% (LCMS-8045) were well within the limits outlined in EPA 537. Method detection limits of 0.7-1.7 ng/L (ppt) and 0.7-3.3 ng/L were obtained and both systems fulfilled all of the EPA's requirements for PFAS analysis in drinking water.