Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

Analysis of Sewage and Sewage Sludge by Simultaneous ICP Spectroscopy

Courtesy of Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

In recent years, the development and expansion of sewage treatment facilities has resulted in increased amounts of sludge which is generated in the treatment process, and which has presented a problem due to processing of the sludge itself. Sludge is normally incinerated or solidified and then disposed of in landfills or recycled for use in construction materials such as concrete or fertilizer. Therefore, any possible adverse effects to the environment must be monitored by checking the levels of heavy metals in this sludge, and the degree to which they leach into the environment.

Here, we introduce the quantitative analysis of sludge and sewage waste water using the ICPE-9000 multitype ICP emission spectrometer. The ICPE-9000 permits both axial and radial observation. Thus, a wide range of analyses are supported, from trace elements like cadmium, to high-concentration elements like iron and zinc, thereby enabling simultaneous analysis of samples having a wide range of element concentrations, including sewage waste water and sludge.