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Analysis of the Present Copper Recycling Market


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With the development of our economy, the copper recycling market sees a rapid growth. Now 1/3 of the copper consumption comes from the recycle of the copper scrap, therefore the recycle and status of the transaction of the copper will produce greater influence on the whole copper market in the future. Meanwhile, as the construction of the circular economy has been continuously getting strengthened, the copper recycling marker must have better and faster development prospects.

After decades of development, our copper scrap industry has form a complete corporate structure with the private enterprises as the main body, large enterprises as the leading and medium-size enterprise as basis; a basic industrial structure with directly use of waste copper as keynote and refining electrolytic copper as aid; and a industrial pattern with the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta,and Around Bohai Sea area as focus ares and a complete industrial chain of recycling, dismantling and processing and utilization. Besides, there appear two kinds of scrap metal distribution center,that is, imports of copper scrap and domestic recycling, each with Taizhou and Linxi as representative.

However, the copper recycling market also exists many problems, such as small-scale enterprises, low technology level, unstable product quality, serious situation of environmental protection and nonstandard corporate behavior,etc. As a whole, we have a wide gap with developed countries.

Then how to improve the present situation? I have two advices. In the copper scrape trade, since the output of copper scrape in our country is not huge, it is better to mainly import copper scrap to stabilize the production and management and choose proper region in these copper scrape distribution centers at home.

More importantly, we should improve copper utilization levels and make full use of the talent, technology and capital to study and develop advanced technology and equipment of recycling copper scrap. In recent years, we have made difference in the manufacture of such equipments such as the Copper Cable granulator and Copper Wire Stripping Machine produced by Amisymachinery.

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