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ANDalyze Case Study - Uranium in Ground Water


Courtesy of ANDalyze, Inc.

Good Water Company (Testing Service)

Groundwater samples were submitted by well owners from different regions of New Mexico (around Espanola region) in a water clinic sponsored by the Good Water Company.


The groundwater in this region is contaminated with natural uranium, often above the EPA maximum contaminant level of 30 ppb uranium.

ANDalyze Solution

These samples were tested on-site with the ANDalyze Uranium100 sensor and compared to ICP data obtained at the University of Illinois. Note that all these samples were preserved in acid and neutralized before testing with the ANDalyze sensor. Dilution was performed when sample concentration exceeded detection range of the sensor.

  • Correlation with ICP laboratory results was within acceptable range for field testing.
  • The solution enabled technicians to take readings on-site and give feedback immediately.
  • Lower cost than one-off lab metals analysis

Advantages at New Mexico Ground Water Clinic

  • Fast and easy testing avoided time consuming sample preservation, handling, labeling, storage and shipping
  • Speed of result allows instant decision on whether uranium problem existed at ground water sites
  • It was an advantage to test many samples on site.

Technology Background

This technology provided by ANDalyze, is a platform that offers simple, fast, inexpensive and reliable detection of trace metals in water. Measuring the metal ions is done through a reaction that occurs when a water sample containing a target metal ion contaminant (such as lead) is introduced to a sensor unit specific for that contaminant. This produces fluorescence (light) in direct correlation to the amount of metal ion present . The amount of light is measured by the hand-held fluorimeter. The fluorimeter reading relates directly to the amount of metal contaminant in the water solution (metals can be detected at low parts per billion levels). ANDalyze has designed and manufactured a modernized fluorimeter which, in combination with the sensors can quickly measure water contaminants at the sample site, greatly reducing the time and effort required by current technologies. This advantage creates a cost savings for organizations that are responsible for water testing of public drinking water supplies or industrial water operations.

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