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ANDRITZ Aqua-Guard in a revolutionary plant for OTV France - Case Study


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Europe’s first geothermal power plant that uses seawater for heating and cooling is using improved screening technology from ANDRITZ SEPARATION

The challenge:

Develop a screen that can withstand the rigors of the sea

OTV, a specialist in wastewater and water treatment, was awarded the seawater loop design and construction on the project, and was searching for reliable separation equipment that is resistant to wear and corrosion. OTV knew the ANDRITZ AquaGuard was reliable and efficient, but they had no details on the material or the solutions needed to prevent wear and corrosion from seawater. As a trusted key supplier, they asked ANDRITZ SEPARATION to supply two fine screens to protect the downstream equipment, especially the pumps and heat exchangers.

Our solution:

Customized development of the popular ANDRITZ AquaGuard

With more than 6,000 references and recognized as the most efficient headwork screen, the ANDRITZ AquaGuard is already a popular, tried-and-tested choice. The challenge called for a solution that is resistant to corrosion from seawater, and the extensive record of the ANDRITZ. AquaGuard in seawater and desalination equipment proves that the simple and reliable screen is suited to marine applications.

The ANDRITZ SEPARATION specialists supplied a frame made of painted steel, protected with sacrificial anodes and internal elements in duplex. Already familiar with the efficiency and reliability of our fine screening technology and experience in seawater intake, the customer was also convinced by the lower investment cost. The solution was agreed: Two ANDRITZ AquaGuard fine screens.


A corrosion-proof screen with a long lifespan

The already excellent relationship between OTV and ANDRITZ SEPARATION meant that a solution could be developed and the contract signed within just a few months. Being a local supplier was an added benefit, as this ensured the availability and proximity of services. What’s more, the investment cost came in lower than expected, thanks to the innovative materials solution applied to a highly reliable product.

The ANDRITZ AquaGuard has a lifespan of up to 20 years and, by adapting the frame finish and adding sacrificial anodes, it can withstand the rigors of the sea and will play a part in heating and cooling the homes of thousands of people in Marseille for years to come.

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