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Anglian water choose atg UV for effluent treatment - Case Study


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Client: Anglian Water  
Location: Great Billing, Special Operations Site
Description: Effluent Waste Water

atg UV Technology, pioneers in the design and engineering of Ultraviolet treatment systems have won supplied Anglian Water with two compact, closed chamber, Ultraviolet disinfection systems for the treatment of effluent waste water at their special operations WwTW's site located in Great Billing.  The two atg UV effluent treatment systems were sized specifically for Anglian water, who choose atg UV based on their vast experience with closed system technology in the Ultraviolet industry.

atg UV's closed system design is perfectly suited for Anglian Waters effluent treatment project, which typically has a low transmission and high biological load. The UV disinfection systems will treat up to 70 m3/hr of effluent waste water in a single unit, inactivating micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses such as Cryptosporidium, Poliovirus and Hepatitis A.

The two atg UV systems feature automatic wipers to prevent the build-up of deposits on the quartz tube, and UV monitoring to ensure the systems consistently run at an optimum level. An integrated state-of-the-art atg UV SPECTRA control system provides Anglian operators with data on flow rate, UV dose and lamp intensity, whilst the SPECTRA's built in data logger can provide performance data which can be easily downloaded to a PC or Laptop for review.

In addition, atg UV's treatment process does not increase the toxicity of the effluent water. Unlike chlorine treatment and filtration, Ultraviolet disinfection actually reduces the total number of organisms in the environment without the use of chemicals, allowing Anglian Water to maintain the natural and sensitive balance of ecosystems throughout the region.

With over 25yrs of experience and achievement, atg UV is a world leader in Ultraviolet technology. Strong commitment to innovation and development means that atg UV's range of Ultraviolet products offer customers the best choice available when quality, reliability and consistency need to come as standard.

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