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Anonymous, Bloomington, Illinois - Case study


Courtesy of Invisible Structures, Inc.

Project Name: Anonymous

Product: Grasspave2 

Application: Fire Lane

City: Bloomington

State/Province: Illinois

Install Date: July 2000 (Stark), April 1995 (Rowe)

Install Size: 1030 m2 (Stark) (11,000 sq ft), 1330 m2 (Rowe) (14,300 sq ft)

Address: NA

Client: NA

Designer: NA

Contractor: Two contractors – Stark Excavating, Inc., PO Box 3756, Bloomington, IL 61701,contact Craig 309-828-5034, and Rowe Construction, 1523 North Cottage Street, Bloomington, IL, contact Jay Harrison 309-827-0091

Directions: NA

Location: Stark – U-shaped building fire lane forks to the right, and then goes up the hill toward the buildings. Also back of these buildings near employee drop off area and cafeteria. Rowe fire lane – ring road near a fire hydrant, on both sides of sidewalk to building.

Photography: Vicki Bohnhoff, July 2002

Summary: Stark Excavating and Rowe Construction, worked on this large corporate campus and used our Grasspave2 product both in 1995 and again in 2000, respectively. The client wants to remain anonymous and their buildings excluded from the pictures.

Fire lane straddles the sidewalk from the building to the ring road. Rowe Construction installed Grasspave2 in 1995.

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