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Anti Bacterial Technology in Chewing Gum Removal Machines

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Today, most cities have strict rules on keeping the city clean. People who carelessly toss away chocolate wrappers or sandwich papers are fined to prevent them from repeating the act. There is also awareness programs designed to make people more conscious about the benefits of keeping their surroundings clean. In spite of all these efforts, some people simply cannot help disposing chewing gum wads in all kinds of places. In addition to malls, parking lots and driveways, it is unsanitary to see gum wads in places like schools, hospitals and religious institutions. Cleaning off gum wads from floors, walls and other concrete surfaces is not an easy job. For this reason, you must be equipped with advanced machines capable of efficient chewing gum removal.

Fight Chewing Gum with Steam
Steam cleaning machines are amazingly powerful in eliminating tough deposits of dirt, grime, and stains from hard surfaces. Today, leading suppliers provide advanced steam cleaning units that offer excellent results in chewing gum removal. By generating very hot steam at high pressure levels, these steam cleaning systems make the job of cleaning off chewing gum from floors, walls and other surfaces easier than ever before. Hot steam can dissolve even old wads of chewing gum almost instantly.

Another notable feature of the chewing gum removal equipment available from leading suppliers is the vacuum extraction function. While traditional steam cleaning units simply soften gum wads, those versions with vacuum extraction features dissolve and extract all traces of gum, its blotches and residues of gum cleaning chemicals and water. You must however be aware that vacuum extraction features are available only in the best steam cleaning machines offered by reputable distributors.

As mentioned earlier, chewing gum removal machines that eject steam can also sanitize and deodorize surfaces with the right technology. To accomplish these functions, the steam cleaning equipment may come with technologically advanced anti-bacterial features that help eliminate more than 99 percent of germs, bacteria and allergens from different surfaces. These gum remover machines also feature numerous attachments and accessories to help you clean and sanitize even the most inaccessible nooks and corners.

Using vapor steam cleaners as gum removal machines would be an excellent choice for gum removal jobs. Such steam cleaning equipment can be empowered with a unique technology that guarantees fast and efficient removal of chewing gum. In addition, it is capable of generating high density, dry steam containing just 5 percent moisture. Portable steam cleaners can attain steam temperatures of up to 386ºF and pressure levels of 175 psi.

High density steam coupled with gum removal tools and gum cleaning solutions enable these gum remover machines to dissolve the toughest chewing gum wads, stains, blotches and residues. The removable heating rods in these steam cleaners keep maintenance issues and costs to a minimum. In case of heating problems, you can easily replace the rods instead of buying a new boiler system. The self-cleaning boilers in these portable steam cleaners ensure clean boilers that continue to work well for years.

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