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Weihua Cranes Anti-Sway Automatic Positioning Control System 1 Weihua Cranes Anti-Sway Automatic Positioning Control System 2

Weihua cranes electric anti-sway automatic positioning control system has been identified as leading international.
Crane electrical anti-sway control system automatic positioning was researched and development independently by Weihua Cranes. It filled the gaps in the anti-sway automatic positioning control technology of China crane industry. The system is mainly composed of PLC, frequency inverter and P + F encoder, which with low cost, using the automatic positioning anti-sway control technology, under the conditions of the general industrial crane with a maximum design speed of normal operation, compared to the crane does not use anti-sway control technology, swinging amplitude with load reduction at least more than 95%(actual sway angle less than 0.2 degrees), automatic positioning control accuracy of ± 2 mm.

Reference Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SzC-DvK6r8

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