Antibacterial Ingredients Ruled Unsafe. Hallelujah, the FDA has awoken!


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Today’s FDA ruling has got us booming!

The debate between cleaning product makers, environmentalists and researchers has finally ended. The FDA ruled today that it is no longer considering antibacterial ingredients in soaps to be safe. This is a big deal for us as we have long discussed the harmful effects of killing “good” and “bad” bacteria as it encourages germs to become resistant to antibiotics.

By September 6th of next year, manufacturers will no longer be able to market products which contain any of the 19 antibacterial ingredients that are no longer deemed to be safe (they were never safe but better late than never). Their use has become so widespread that traces of Triclosan (one of the no longer safe ingredients) was found in places it shouldn’t have been such as human milk, freshwater streams and even animals’ blood. The fate of the three other ingredients in question will be decided on next year- benzalkonium chloride, benzethonium chloride and chloroxylenol.

Since when did being clean become being sterile? This $5.5 billion dollar soap market is affecting millions of Americans who believe that using antibacterial soaps are the only way to fight off germs. However, research indicates that the surge in antibacterials and antiseptics is contributing to the Superbug phenomenon. The evaluation of the long-term effects of chemicals on the body are being conducted as we can now measure the levels of ingredients that are being absorbed into our blood and skin.

The next big question is when will the EPA wake up?? It’s time to bring awareness to the millions who believe they’re improving their indoor air quality with the use of ionizers, ozone and UV light. These products work similarly as disinfectants in the sense that they too kill 99.9% of bacteria- 98% of which are beneficial to us.

What are our recommendations?

  • Embrace the microbes and replenish with good bacteria
  • Stick to plain soap and water washing on yourself and throughout your home
  • Use chemical-free cleaning products- preferably with probiotics
  • Install a probiotic air purifier to replenish your indoor space with beneficial bacteria
  • If you’re so in love with your soaps, check the ingredients label and make sure they do not include any of the unsafe ingredients

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