AOX and COD Removal From Landfill Leachates With Ozone And Radical Reactions


The chemical oxidation with ozone is an innovative technology for the treatment of effluents which are contaminated with organic chemicals, because this process is capable of converting the organic contaminants completely to carbon dioxide if desired. Ozone alone, or in combination with OH° radicals is effective against most organic compounds, and the chemicals used in this process decompose to harmless and even beneficial by-products.


The main objective of treating leachates from domestic landfills is to reduce the COD and AOX load, particularly the persistent portion which is not removed during a biological pretreatment. Compared to technical alternatives, e.g. adsorption on activated carbon or reverse osmosis, chemical oxidation is a method which produces practically no residues which are to be further handled or discharged. The practicability of this method is now beyond the verge of commercial scale application.  The systems which are available today are based on the latest ozone production

technique with high ozone concentrations of 12 wt% and more, combined with new findings in water treatment technology. Due to such developments these processes are now becoming more cost effective and reliable than earlier anticipated.


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