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Apparatus for In-Situ Remediation Using Aclosed Delivery System


ABSTRACT: In the ever-emerging field of in-situ remediation many strides are being taken to improve the efficacy of degradation. Countless hours and unparalleled research is constantly being performed in order to improve or replace current technologies. These technologies include in-situ chemical oxidation, anaerobic processes, bioaugmentation, zero valent iron, stimulation, etc. Due to the advancements in modern chemistry, modeling, and general understanding of the industry as a whole, there are innumerable options for low cost remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater. In the past, most technical developments concentrated on the actual chemicals of concern or the processes needed for successful degradation, thus arising the need for successful delivery of the remedial compounds into the subsurface. Many technologies fall short of their potential due to an inability to distribute the remedial compounds successfully. A closed, pressurized delivery system has been developed which utilizes a combination of gas and liquid delivery systems in which all delivery vessels are interconnected and valved, allowing for mixings, washings, filling, and discharge of materials via pressurized delivery vessels and mechanical pumping systems. The system utilized allows for a variety of dissimilar compounds to be delivered via a single injection line. Further, the switching between feed systems is accomplished without any loss of pressure to the delivery line eliminating the common problems experienced from the vacuum developed down-hole as pressure is released and reapplied. The flexibility, and thus the field success of the system, is due to the unique configuration of gas and liquid feed systems allowing for greater horizontal infiltration below grade and delivery to low permeability soils such as compacted clays, which is readily accomplished. Lastly, the current system may be mounted in a mobile trailer, being fully self-contained and requiring no electrical external supply. The only site utility requirement is an available water source for slurry preparation.

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