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Application of hierarchical clustering method for separation of power system

In this paper, a new methodology for recognition of coherent generators for separating power system is presented. We propose to separate electric network from different layers in order to determine specific coherent clusters and aggregate each cluster to one generator. The coherent regions have several generators and each region has similar dynamic behaviour. Moreover, the generators in each region can be aggregated to an equivalent generator which represents the dynamic behaviours of coherent generators. This process is called dynamic equivalency and can be used for reduction of calculation and time of power system dynamic equations and power flow. The major contribution of this paper is a novel structure for network separation based on the hierarchical clustering method. Preference of this method is separation of network into arbitrary clusters. In fact, the proposed method separates the network hierarchically and each cluster belongs to a coherent region and determination of coherent groups is arbitrary. The proposed method is applied to the 16-generators and NPCC New England test system.

Keywords: hierarchical clustering, coherent regions, cluster analysis, distance decision index, power systems, coherent clusters, dynamic equations, power flow

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