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Application of High Density Electrical Connector in Medical Field

With the increasing demand for high-density connectors in the medical market, the irreversible trend of connectors in the medical field is becoming smaller, lighter and more ergonomic. This trend strongly drives demand growth.

High density connectors are connectors with large numbers of individual contacts such as PIN pins in a relatively small connector body. There is no clear boundary between standard connectors and high density connectors, but the designation of high-density connectors is usually defined by having more contact points in the same shell size.

The growth demand for high density electrical connectors is driven by many factors, especially the size, weight and function requirements. Component size and weight have long been a key factor in many military and aerospace applications. With the increasing popularity of portable and patient wearable devices, connectors are becoming more and more important in the medical market.

In order to meet the growing demand of the higher density connector market, many manufacturers are developing standard and ready-made high density connectors solutions. When connectors need to meet a specific application and the output is limited, this solution is effective and feasible.

However, the development of standard high-density connector products will be targeted. Connector manufacturers must consider a variety of characteristics when developing to meet a wide range of application needs and budget constraints. Mature connector manufacturers with industry-leading ideas can successfully use this strategy, but this strategy is not universal.

High density connectors will continue to develop, and the trend of products will be towards miniaturization, high precision and hybrid functions. With the gradual realization of these product technologies. Engineers will surely develop new connection technologies to further improve contact density, size, weight, performance and function, and to further ensure product reliability and safety. Standards and customized solutions will greatly meet the growing demand for high-density electrical connectors in the medical market.


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