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Application of LCA to support solid waste management policy in Phuket

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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is employed to evaluate the environmental performance of the existing Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) management system in Phuket and compared with different possible alternative Integrated Waste Management Systems (IWMSs). The results show that the scenario comprising source separation of waste for anaerobic digestion and recycling plus incineration (with energy recovery) and landfilling has the least environmental burdens for all the impact categories considered. The study suggests a policy promoting source separation for the waste to be recycled and anaerobically digested including the application of landfill gas recovery for electricity.

Keywords: environmental policy, ISWM, integrated solid waste management, LCA, life cycle assessment, MSW, municipal solid waste, sustainable development, sustainability, anaerobic digestion, recycling, incineration, energy recovery, landfill gas recovery, electricity generation, Thailand

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