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Application of membrane technology in wastewater


The City of Rio Rancho is the fastest growing and fourth largest city in New Mexico. The City currently relies heavily on groundwater for water supplies. To sustain its long-term water needs, the City has undertaken a feasibility study to develop a Water Reuse Strategy that will significantly expand the use of reclaimed water, reduce groundwater withdrawals, and provide advanced treatment for aquifer recharge. Membrane treatment processes are proving to be promising technologies for wastewater purification and reclamation. This phase of the study involved pilot testing of an Integrated Membrane System (IMS) process.  The process consisted of membrane bioreactors (MBR) to provide tertiary treated water followed by reverse osmosis (RO) to provide purified water that can be injected into the groundwater. In this time of sustained growth and prolonged drought in the arid Southwest, it is incumbent upon managers and policy makers to find ways to fully conserve and properly use all available water supplies. The pilot study was started in May, 2004 and completed in December, 2004.

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