Application of the Most Recent Monitoring Systems in Hydro Power Plants



The paper describes main reasons for refurbishment of hydro power plants and summarizes the most frequent works during refurbishment. A special attention is paid to the process of refurbishment of the electric equipment, in the first line generators and excitation systems, and integration of the most contemporary monitoring system. The paper talks about some of the methods of estimation of the generator operating life time as well as possibilities of an increase of the power and the efficiency of revitalised machines. The paper describes possibilities of replacement of existing excitation DC rotating system with new static or brushless excitation systems with digital voltage regulators. Possibilities of application of new contemporary monitoring system to the refurbished and rehabilitated generators are also described. The paper also describes possible rehabilitation and refurbishment benefits

Keywords: refurbishment, rehabilitation, hydro power plant, generator, excitation system, monitoring system, residual operating life time, stator winding insulation condition

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