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Application of the standard porosimetry method for nanomaterials


A new method of Standard Porosimetry (MSP) for investigation of any type of porous materials, including soft, frail, amalgamated materials, films and powders has been developed. The method is relatively simple and non-destructive and can be used for measurements in a wide range of pore sizes from 0.3 nm to 3×106 nm. The method is currently being used to study porous materials such as carbon nanotubes, membranes, thin films, ceramics, electrodes for batteries, paper etc., and can be used in other applications, including nanotechnology. The MSP employs numerous manual operations. In order to avoid them, the Automated Standard Porosimeter (ASP) has been developed based on the MSP by POROTECH, Ltd.

Keywords: porous structure, porosimetry, nanomaterials, capillary equilibrium, carbon nanotubes, automated porosimeter, porous size distribution, specific surface area, electrodes, non-destructive method, non-toxicity, non-amalgamation

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