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Application of Titanium - A Kind of Metal Full of Wisdom - 1


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Titanium and titanium alloy is named as 'future metal' for its excellent properties. It's lightweight, strong and high corrosion resistant, and become a great promising material. Titanium and titanium alloy is not just widely used in plane and aerospace industry. Now it's also widely used in chemical processing, petroleum, light industry, metallurgy, power generation and other industries.

One of titanium's excellent properties is high corrosion resistance. Because of its special ability to oxygen, it can generate a tight dioxide film on the surface. And this will protect titanium from corrosion. This also works as it is in most kinds of liquid. So titanium has good stability in acid and other mediums. This property is much better than stainless steel and other nonferrous metals have, and even as good as platinum. But in certain mediums, if the film can be dissolved, titanium will corrode. For example, titanium in DRIE, hot hydrochloride, it will corrode. But if some metal ion or antioxidant is put in the liquid, the film will be protected, titanium will be steady.

Chemical Industry

Because of this steady property, as a corrosion resistant material, titanium is used more and more widely in chemical industry. For example, in chlorine industry, titanium is used as condenser. And this application is considered as a revolution in chlorine industry.

Petroleum Industry

Except for the five organic acids, when titanium is in organic compounds, it has good stability. So in petroleum industry, titanium used as excellent structure material, such as heat exchanger, reactor, hyperbaric container etc.

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