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Application Scope Of LNEYA Precision Chiller

The main application industries of LNEYA precision chiller include plastic industry, electronic industry, electroplating industry, medicine industry, food industry, vacuum coating industry and so on. These industries are the main application industries of precision chillers.

In the plastic industry: LNEYA precision chiller can accurately control the mold temperature of various plastic processing machines, reduce the plastic cycle, provide stable production and quality of the product.

In electronic industry: LNEYA precision chiller can stabilize the molecular structure of electronic components on the production line, increase the qualified rate of electronic components. LNEYA precision chiller is widely used in ultrasonic cleaning industry to prevent the volatilization of expensive cleaning agents and the injury to human body.

In electroplating industry: LNEYA precision chiller can effectively control the temperature of electroplating, enhance the density and smoothness of the plating, shorten the electroplating period effectively, highly improve the production efficiency and improve the quality of the product.

In vacuum coating, the LNEYA precision chiller can control the temperature of the vacuum coating machine conveniently and generate high-quality plating products.

In the medical industry, the LNEYA precision chiller effectively controls the temperature of fermented drugs. To make full use of the advantages of good cold water machines, the pharmaceutical enterprises should be able to continue the technological innovation. At the same time, the chiller manufacturers are constantly improving the cost performance and serving the pharmaceutical industry better.

In the machinery industry, the LNEYA precision chiller can quickly control the pressure of oil temperature, and at the same time can stabilize the oil temperature and oil pressure, thus prolong the working time of the oil, improve the efficiency of the mechanical lubrication, and greatly reduce the wear.

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