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The CleanSweepBarium Chemical Injection Discharge Water Treatment System is a patented process (U.S. Patent 7,081,204B2) owned by Environmental Treatment Technologies, Inc. (ETT). Powder River Basin application of the CleanSweepBarium process is increasing as the number of CBM operators seeking low-cost water quality compliance options increases.

ETT proprietary chemical injection technology removes excess Barium and effectively reduces Bicarbonate and Alkalinity and maintains compliant electrical conductivity (EC) levels in CBM discharge waters – each important elements of CBM discharge water quality compliance.

Full Service Committment

Environmental Treatment Technologies, Inc. personnel have over 15 years experience with Wyoming Oil & Gas production and Environmental compliance. ETT, Inc. developed the CleanSweepBarium process to fulfill Industry requirements for consistent, convenient compliance for large scale coal-bed methane production.

Available ETT CleanSweepBarium removal services include:

  • Full, turn-key compliance service for CBM discharge treatment and operation
  • Process sale, set-up and oversight
  • Remote royalty licensing agreements.

ETT support services include:

  • Site preparation assistance
  • NPDES & State permit completion / submission
  • Process engineering support as required
  • System operations and maintenance
  • Compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Automatic injection system installation

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