Applications of a Portable Gas Spectrometer


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In the realm of natural gas processing, enterprises don’t always find it economical to send products back to the lab and wait for test results. Being able to perform on-the-spot, highly accurate compositional analysis with gas chromatography equipment can reduce operational costs and help companies determine on-the-spot accurate gas levels in a natural gas stream. Here are some of the reasons why more firms are using a portable gas spectrometer in natural gas analyzing for faster, more accurate results.

Could a Gas Spectrometer Improve Preliminary Findings?

Using equipment like a portable gas spectrometer is a known technique for heightening the usability of natural gas resources and the safety of operational facilities. Portable gas analyzing devices measure concentrations of methane, propane, butane, and carbon dioxide. Thus, they contribute to more productive business operations.

Gas Analyzing Technology Offers Clear Advantages

Consider a new natural gas stream that’s making its way down a pipeline. Depending on the results of a preliminary moisture analysis, an operator at a juncture station might take various actions, such as redirecting the stream to machinery that dehumidifies it further or sending it directly to long-term holding facilities.

A Portable gas spectrometer can broaden your knowledge of a given stream by performing more comprehensive analysis before it’s necessary to make a decision. Modern, self-contained gas chromatography equipment systems that function without carrier gasses or heavily involved human intervention empowers workers in the field to make educated decisions that benefit organizations as a whole.

Gas Spectrometers Offer Clear Accuracy

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