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Applying intellectual capital for sustaining organisational learning

This study aimed to evaluate the applicability of the current intellectual capital (IC) measurement approaches for further performance analysis. This study was a part of the project sponsored by Department of Industrial Work in Thailand on sustaining organisational learning. Given the trends in global sourcing, free trades and aging workforce, it became inevitable that the ability for an organisation to learn is critical for sustaining its long-term competitiveness and innovation. The findings show that both economic value added and value-added intellectual coefficient could be easily adapted due to publicly available data. Nevertheless, both approaches needed to integrate additional analysis tools and techniques, especially social network analysis to improve the effectiveness of IC measurement. Finally, using IC information could not be mainly for scrutinising financial performance.

Keywords: intellectual capital, organisational learning, competitiveness, performance analysis, government departments, industrial work, Thailand, global sourcing, free trade, aging workforces, innovation, performance measurement, economic value, added value, intellectual coefficients, social network analysis, financial performance, public data, sustainability, sustainable development, sustainable economy

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