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Approaches to Managing EHS and Sustainability Data by NAEM


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Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) and sustainability leaders use a variety of primary tools to ensure regulatory compliance, increase efficiency and support public disclosure of sustainability achievements. But with an array of data management tools on the market, it’s worth evaluating how companies are managing EHS and sustainability data, and what trends are emerging.

NAEM's latest research report 'Approaches to EHS & Sustainability Data Management' provides a benchmark for how companies manage data internally, the effectiveness of their chosen systems and how much they are spending.

Key topics include:

  • Which approaches are companies taking to manage data? And why?
  • What are the most important business drivers for implementing a new management information system?
  • How much do the systems cost to implement and maintain?
  • What are typical budgets for companies of different sizes and industries?
  • What are the most frequently implemented system capabilities?
  • How companies use the information they collect, how the system is maintained, and how users rank its effectiveness.

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