Approval Workflows in QMS

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Achieving and maintaining compliance is not an easy job as both ISO and FDA regulations require that documents be approved before they are officially distributed or used either inside or outside the company. Obtaining approval from a group of people for a project plan, a proposal, or any other required document can be a frustrating experience:

First, there is the issue of formally recording and keeping track of which people approved which document. Then there is the issue of managing the logistics of getting the document to the right people without getting tongue tied in excessive email threads to share your collected data or even scheduling meetings and trying to save the meeting notes. Chasing your coworkers to sign off on a project or repeatedly emailing and asking them to review that data you sent a week ago, is exhausting and annoying work. To routinely manage the approval or review for important compliance documentation is not something that should be done on an ad-hoc basis – that just won’t do the job...

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