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Aqua Pennsylvania SORB 33® System


Site Background

Aqua Pennsylvania, headquartered in Bryn Mawr, PA and a division of Aqua America, operates a 190 gallons per minute (gpm) well and pumphouse in a new residential development near the town of Collegeville, PA. Aqua PA has plans to add a second 250 gpm well for the same system in the future bringing the pumping capacity to 450 gpm. Well water is pumped into the pumphouse pictured right which contains chemical dosing (NaOCl disinfection and PO4 metals sequestering), a clear well for surge and booster pumps for feed into distribution.

The water at Collegeville has an arsenic (As) level of 14 micrograms per liter (μ/gl) most of which is As(III). Aside from a slightly elevated PO4 level, its chemistry makes it a simple water for SORB 33® treatment. The analysis is at the bottom of the next page.

With other wells to treat for arsenic removal and with money available in the 2004 fiscal year to acquire experience, Aqua Pa wanted to install a system with available space in the existing building. Any building extension would have required permitting and would delay the project for another year. Aqua PA had tested another adsorption technology (ADI’s MEDIA G2®) at the well, but their proposed commercial system was too large to fit in the building. Their engineer, CET Engineers (Harrisburg, PA) had been studying the SORB 33® technology, and Severn Trent Services offered a system that could both fit into the building and was very economical and simple to operate. Within 4½ months of issuing a purchase order, Aqua PA had an operating arsenic removal system in June, 2004.

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