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Aquacell G10 - K2 Apartments, Victoria case study


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  • Location: Five kilometres from Melbourne CBD in Windsor
  • Client: Department of Human Services,Victoria
  • Capacity: 10 kL/day
  • Source: Greywater from the showers and hand basins of 96 residential apartments
  • Recycled Use: Toilet flushing and garden irrigation

Aquacell prominent in award-winning sustainable design project
In 2001, Aquacell became a key part of the now internationally recognised K2 Apartments Project. An award-winning development in sustainable design, the K2 Apartment block resulted from a competition run by the Victorian Office of Housing. The goal was to design a public housing development that would use only renewable energy, have a lifespan of 200 years and reduce water use by 50% compared with similar sized developments. Aquacell designed, built and commissioned an innovative greywater recycling system that was the major factor in meeting and, in fact, exceeding the ambitious water saving target.

This project was the first private scheme approved under the new EPA Victoria Publication 1015, Guidelines for Environmental Management: Dual Pipe Water Recycling Schemes. On behalf of the Department of Human Services, Aquacell was responsible for fully managing the regulatory approval process.

In designing a greywater recycling system that would lie directly beneath a residential apartment building and metres from an aged-care home, it was crucial to maintain visual amenity and manage odour and noise. Aquacell successfully designed a superior water recycling system that left the immediate and neighbouring environments undisturbed and met the Victorian State Environment Protection Policy SEPP N-1.

As evidence of the success of this project, Aquacell was contracted to operate and maintain the facility at the K2 Apartments for at least five years.

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