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Aquacell SRN20 - Joalah Holiday Park, NSW case study


Courtesy of PHOENIX Process Equipment Co.

  • Location: Durras North, NSW
  • Client: Joalah Holiday Park
  • Capacity: 20,000L/day
  • Source: Wastewater from toilet, showers and laundry
  • Recycled Use: Toilet flushing and irrigation
  • Commissioned: November 2007

On the beautiful South Coast of NSW, Joalah Holiday Park is in a pristine environment; adjacent to Murramarang National Park, an estuary, the Pacific Ocean, a migratory bird nesting site, and an abundance of sensitive flora and fauna.

The owners chose to install waterfront cabins with ensuites, and expand the park occupancy rates, which would increase wastewater load. In such a constrained site without a sewer connection, the only option was to recycle water for toilet flushing and irrigation. In conjunction with Dr. Peter Bacon, of Woodlots and Wetlands, a detailed land capability assessment was performed. The result of this study showed the recycled water needed to be low in nutrients, have no odour and create no noise. The solution was Aquacell’s SRN20.

By recycling onsite the owners of the park are able to increase occupancy and therefore generate better returns from their resort, without adversely impacting the environment. They are able to offer a better standard of accommodation, to meet the demands of their customers in a truly eco-friendly way.

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