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Aquamend, Nitrate: Confidential Client, Northeast USA (Process Water)


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High Nitrate Industrial Process Water
Confidential Client
Northeast USA

AQUAMEND™ water treatment technology has been used, since 1998 for treatment of industrial process water containing high concentrations of nitrate. The treatment system was constructed using tankage already present at the facility. Operation commenced following loading of the AQUAMEND™ biocarrier into the reactor.

This 50 gpm system has been supporting targeted levels of treatment for the past 4 years. With influent nitrate-nitrogen concentrations ranging between 1,500 mg/L and 3,000 mg/L, loading rates of 18 – 35 lbs/m3/day are consistently observed.

As a result of strict effluent COD requirements, the system is operated in a methanol-lean mode. Thus, if optimized for nitrogen removal, loading rates would be increased even higher. The AQUAMEND™ system is a simple, low-maintenance design which can be equipped with automation.

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