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Aquaporin Hollow Fiber FO Membrane Modules (AQPHFFO2)


Courtesy of Sterlitech Corporation

Aquaporin hollow fiber membrane modules for forward osmosis studies are now available from Sterlitech. AQP HFFO2 is a cross flow membrane module containing Aquaporin Inside hollow fiber membranes. With an Aquaporin Inside coating on the interior surface of the hollow fibers (lumen side), the feed solution is circulated in the lumen and the draw solution is circulated in the shell.

The Aquaporin Inside technology is based on the aquaporin protein, nature's own selective and extremely effective water channel. Aquaporin water channels have been developed through billions of years of evolution, and are now ready to revolutionize industrial water treatment.

Forward osmosis (FO), also known as engineered osmosis, is a membrane separation process that takes advantage of the pressure gradient between two solutions of different concentrations to move the solvent from one side of the membrane to the other.

As a result, FO requires much lower operating pressures than other membrane processes (such as reverse osmosis) and, consequently, has lower energy requirements.


  • Concentration of valuable components
  • Pre-treatment of difficult wastewater before reverse osmosis (RO) treatment
  • Zero or Minimal Liquid Discharge applications


  • 2.3 m2 membrane active area
  • Aquaporin Inside TM coating on the lumen side of the fiber
  • Inner diameter: 195µm
  • Wall thickness: 35µm
  • Housing material: Polycarbonate
  • Module dimensions: 300mm long, 70mm in diameter

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