Aquidneck Place wastewater system information

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Institutional facilities typically have larger wastewater flows with lower organic concentration than commercial waste streams.  However, some institutions such as schools may have exceptionally high concentrations of ammonia nitrogen and very erratic peak flows.  It is critical to understand the institution’s lifestyle and sanitary routines when designing a treatment system.

The Aquapoint wastewater treatment system at this assisted living facility in Rhode Island is the first phase of a project that will include treatment for a commercial plaza upon the completion of phase two. The second phase will increase the flow from 8,000 gpd to 20,000 gpd and will replicate the design of the current system. The treatment plant is being built in phases to balance the infrastructure costs with build out. The engineers selected an Aquapoint denitrification system because its modularity allowed for phased construction at a low cost.

Because of the porous nature of the local soils and the site’s close proximity to nitrogen sensitive coastal waters, the permit discharge standards required secondary treatment and a substantial reduction in nitrogen.

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