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Aquobex visits Japan


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As part of the EU Gateway Environment and Water Technologies mission to Japan, Aquobex was lucky to visit Tokyo and attend the New Environmental Exposition at the Big Sight Tokyo exhibition centre.

This was an excellent opportunity for Aquobex to build on our existing network in Japan and to establish new relationships going forward. Since our previous visit Aquobex has had some exciting developments in terms of products and services to offer into the Japanese market.

With extreme flooding hitting the country just last year, there is a growing demand for increasing the resilience of communities and companies to the impacts of flooding and there is a growing excitement at the possibilities that our mobile flood barriers can offer. Of particular interest were Rapidam Rigid and Rapidam Flexi as a means of replacing the traditional sandbags that are still widely used in Japan.

The Ministry for Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan are responsible for flood risk management and do an admirable job of protecting what is one of the most complex countries in the world when it comes to natural hazards and the exposure of millions of people in cities like Tokyo as well as critical infrastructure like nuclear power plants.

On Thursday night we were welcomed at the European Commission’s Delegation at Europa House where Japan’s Minister for the Environment Mr Minoru Kiuchi received all of the visitors and representatives of the Japanese environmental and energy industries. See more info at this link.

While in Japan, we also took the chance to build awareness of I-React, the early warning and emergency management system that can help first responders and citizens to react in a quicker and more efficient way, saving more lives. In a country that experiences earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, floods, droughts and everything else you can think of, a system like I-React is of critical importance.

We had the pleasure of visiting the Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park which is the dedicated zone for disaster response for Tokyo where coordination of emergency services and the storing of emergency equipment is centrally managed.

Within the park is an excellent educational centre where citizens can go to learn about evacuation procedures through simulated earthquakes that makes use of augmented reality and a modelled city-scape complete with broken buildings and flashing lights. It’s really an experience and certainly something that many other countries can learn from. If only we had something like this in the UK.

We look forward to building on the new relationships we formed during this mission and to engaging more with this fascinating country.

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