Arab explorer completes CO2 neutral expedition


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Egyptian explorer Omar Samra, 33, has returned to Dubai to calculate his CO2 emissions in order to offset any environmental damage caused by his successful summiting of 16,050ft Mount Vinson, Antarctica’s highest mountain.

Through a sponsorship partnership with Dubai-based Carbon Credit brokerage, Advanced Global Trading (AGT), Samra will have his team’s emissions calculated and the appropriate number of Voluntary Emissions Reduction (VER) Carbon Credits retired for the trek.

Speaking at AGT’s offices, Samra says: “It has always been a dream of mine to reach the top of the bottom of the world and I’m proud that by partnering with AGT we had this opportunity to do so while negating any impact on the environment. This expedition was planned to ensure we minimised our carbon footprint, but AGT will now offset those remaining emissions that couldn’t be reduced, in order to make the trip carbon neutral.”

The expedition began on December 25, 2011 when Samra’s team set off for Antarctica, flying to Punta Arenas, Chile, before reaching the world’s southern-most continent in a Russian war cargo plane called the Ilyushin 76, landing on a blue ice runway on Union Glacier, Antarctica, loaded with gear, food and supplies. They then trekked with sleds, dragging gear, duffel bags and food rations to Low Camp, where they acclimatised at the mountain’s base for a few days before reaching the summit after an arduous nine hour ascent.

AGT senior consultant, Peter Doyle, explained how AGT will offset the expedition’s carbon dioxide emissions: “We will now work to determine the carbon footprint of the expedition we purchase and retire the equivalent value of Carbon Credits which fund renewable energy, energy efficiency and other environmental projects – the whole process should take around two weeks. “The carbon offset includes the significant environmental cost of transporting the team and equipment to the remote location and once we analyse the data given to us and then procure the number of Carbon Credits needed to make the whole expedition carbon neutral an official retirement certificate will be presented to the team.”

He adds: “We were inspired by Omar as an individual and his achievements to date and felt there was a lot of positive synergy. Something as spectacular as an expedition to any of the world’s seven summits is where you witness and experience firsthand the effects of global warming created by the C02 emissions generated by us all. Therefore, it felt right to get involved with something that is the core of our business, and to try and raise consciousness in what AGT does and how we’re all responsible for our C02 emissions, no matter what adventure we undertake.”

Omar Samra, 33, was the first Egyptian to reach the summit of Mount Everest in 2007 and remains the youngest Arab to do so. Four years later, the Dubai-based adventurer has undertaken a personal challenge.

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