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Arcelormittal drives global Environmental performance with opsEnvironmental™


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Enterprise metrics management system facilitates EU ETS compliance and corporate-wide environmental performance management.

The Company

ArcelorMittal, the world’s second largest steel manufacturer, was formed in 2002 following the merger of three national steel companies, Usinor of France, Arbed of Luxembourg and Arceralia of Spain. The resulting company has more than 140 production sites around the world and produced around 47 million tons of steel, generating revenues of 30 billion Euros in 2004.

The Challenge

Aside from maintaining its dominant position in the steel industry, one of the key challenges facing the company has revolved around its environmental performance – notably the need to gather data in order to drive improvements and meet the requirements of key initiatives such as the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS). Emissions trading is one of a number of environmental issues which have brought the whole questions of data sharply into focus for the company: how best to collect it, collate it and ultimately how to distribute it for internal and external audiences. “If you don’t know you have a problem you will not solve it,” is how Arcelor ’s Yan de Lassat sums up the company’s data conundrum. “The challenge,” says de Lassat, who is responsible for the group’s EHS data “was to extend the EHS information available and get a homogenous view of environment throughout the group.”

The Solution

The company’s response was to undergo a rigorous assessment of EHS data requirements in the context of its own environmental program and external drivers such as EU ETS. This led to a beauty parade of possible software options, from which the company selected IHS’s opsEnvironmental™ solution. “We needed a system that is flexible enough to accommodate change,” says de Lassat. “We also wanted a system that could work on the web, that could be developed within the time frames we have and that could evolve to meet new requirements as they emerge. The opsEnvironmental™ solution met each of these priority areas.”

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