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Courtesy of HESCO Bastion, Inc.

Location: Hammond, LA
Unit: RF-3315
Project: Eye clinic

When Northshore Eye Associates acquired land, three miles from of Hammond, LA, for its new eye clinic, it knew that its architects would need an innovative landscaping plan to maintain simplicity of layout. The varying ground level meant that extensive retaining walls were essential, while exterior services also needed to be concealed.

Dry-stone walls, cemented stone walls or traditional stone-filled gabions are time-consuming and expensive. However, with HESCO’s unique Rockface product, only the outer third of the unit’s volume is filled with decorative stone and rock. Here, the core was filled with locally available soil, substantially cutting the cost of the stone features.

All of the project’s architectural and structural stone work was completed using HESCO Concertainer Rockface.

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