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Are Multinational Companies Green Enough?

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In the last few decades, the world has witnessed that 'going green' is not just a push coming from politicians and environmentalists. It is a change of attitude which does not only honour the commitment of environmental protection, but also saves a good deal of money, in most cases. This is why, many big multi-national giants have devised the company policies leading them towards sustainable and environmental friendly operations and activities.

A shining name in list of green multinational companies is the Bank of America. The green program in the company was initiated 16 years ago. Recently in 2012, the company launched their new 10-year environmental goals, which include natural resource conservation and climate change mitigation. The 10 year program is supported by a funding of $50 billion, which will bring the total green investment of the company to $70 billion. In addition, there are many other names in the list. Such as Global Goldgoal, General Electric, McDonalds and Starbucks.

Nevertheless, The Question Still Remains… Are The Multinational Companies, Green Enough?

Well, a critical analysis of the green programs being implemented by leading multinationals, show that the focus of these companies is mainly on neutralizing the damages done by their own operations. For example, in a response to the public rage on the Hudson River pollution resulting from General Electric's operations, the company spent more than $1 billion to clean up the river.

Keeping in view the current pressure on natural resources and the environment, there is a need for these companies to give attention towards those green actions as well, which are beyond the consequences of their own actions. Moreover, there is a need for enhanced cooperation between these companies as the results of collaborative actions are likely to be more significant than the individual efforts.

Therefore it can be said that although the multinational companies are doing great efforts for going green, there is a need to make united and far-sighted efforts to make this world a greener place to live in.

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