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Are you an end-user? Collaborate on your research


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Are you working in a field that uses, or holds potential to use, our spectroscopic accessories, polarizers, heated platens, hydraulic pressing equipment, or anything else we produce?

Promote your work with Specac

Specac want to champion end-users, because we are passionate about the work you do, with our products. As such, we are actively on the hunt for opportunities to work with professionals or students who are involved in interesting research, analysis, quality control, etc.

Collaborators will have the chance to:

We are willing to loan products for free or with a discount, as well as offering purchase discounts and other benefits (e.g. training, equipment configuration). Incentives are decided on a case-by-case basis. 

To promote your research with us, please contact collab@specac.co.uk with a simple brief, detailing:

  1. what your work involves
  2. what equipment you currently/can use
  3. why your work is important 

University collaboration

Watch our video on narcotic analysis, filmed with Mia Abbott at Staffordshire University. We free-loaned one of our Quest ATR spectrometer accessories.

In an interview with Select Science, Mia explained her 6 week placement at Staffordshire Police over the summer break and how the local police force had told her that mephedrone was a problem in the Staffordshire area. Mia had intended on analyzing legal highs and was more than happy to assist in developing new and effective methods for the testing of drugs, with a special focus on detecting mephedrone.

Industrial collaboration

We visited Sun Chemical to talk to them about their research and the part our Manual Hydraulic Press had to play.

“Our machines are very old, but the fact they are regularly used and reliable is proof about the quality of them... We believe the presses we use to be around 30 years old and envisage using them as they are for many years yet. When they are serviced and calibrated they are always in good working order.”

Nuclear research using our Polarizers

We arranged an interview with Select Science for staff at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, who are using our Polarizers in conjunction with their research into nuclear fusion.

Promoted to various third party channels

We often promote our collaborations and case studies to various online and offline channels. These include print magazines such as International Labmate and Petro Industry News, as well as online such as Select Science and Azom.

If there is a particular channel you think would be appropriate for your work, feel free to include it in your application. We have also worked with The Student Room and others.

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