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Are you ready for carbon labeling?


Governments start to lay the groundwork for mandatory labeling

Consumers are sending a clear message that they want environmentally friendly products and are seeking more information about the environmental impacts that occur throughout a product’s lifecycle. As climate change concerns grow and an international climate agreement remains elusive, policy activity has accelerated in the area of carbon labeling.  Is this the next big thing for product stewardship advisors, after WEEE, RoHS, REACH and Ecodesign?

Governments in Germany, the Philippines, Korea, Taiwan and Thailand are taking initiatives to promote or mandate carbon labels. France leads the way with its soon-to-be mandatory environmental labeling program. Over 100 companies are now participating in France’s environmental labeling pilot, foreshadowing a mandatory environmental labeling scheme for all consumer products that could commence as soon as 2013. Mandatory labeling for consumer products is likely to have ripple effects throughout international supply chains, as suppliers are requested for information about their environmental practices. Meanwhile, companies in other countries, such as the UK, Japan and New Zealand, are coming under increasing pressure to disclose the carbon footprint of their products with voluntary labels.

All companies in the supply chain – especially manufacturers and suppliers – are affected by the rise in product requirements. The Enhesa webinar will assist companies in preparing for the impacts of carbon labeling by answering the following questions:

  • What carbon labeling schemes are in place and what new developments are on the horizon?
  • How should manufacturers and suppliers prepare for the upcoming carbon labeling requirements in countries such as France?
  • What are the key steps in determining your carbon footprint and gathering the information you need to carbon label your products?

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