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Are You Using The Right Auto Carpet Cleaners?


Carpet cleaning machines are used all over the world for cleaning automobiles' interiors. These machines are used for maintenance of upholstery and carpets. Auto carpet cleaners help maintain fresh, clean car interiors. They are, therefore, very important to the overall cleanliness of the vehicle.

A wrong choice in auto carpet cleaners can be detrimental to your business in many ways. It would lower productivity and increase costs. Poor quality machines would be unable to withstand the rigors of commercial activity and would need frequent replacement and repairs. Auto carpet cleaners that are meant for domestic use, for example, should not be used for commercial tasks.

To be completely certain that the auto carpet cleaners you are using or planning to buy are right for car cleaning requirements, check the following:

Flow Rate

Most contractors now use low-flow rug cleaning machines. These machines use less water than traditional carpet wash machines, and are, therefore, best suited for auto detailing. Low flow machines transfer less amount of water on to the surfaces, which in turn, makes the cleaning faster.

Low flow carpet cleaners lessen the likelihood of mold growth and eliminate problems that could arise from prolonged dampness, such as odors and floor damage.
Therefore, if you are still using obsolete, water inefficient, mobile car wash equipment, it is time you replaced it with the latest water-conserving car interior cleaners.

Wand Size

The tool used to clean regular floor carpets in a house or business is a long wand, but you cannot use regular-sized carpet wands to clean car interiors. All the car interior cleaners feature a small 4' wide tool for cleaning car fabric upholstery and carpeting. The wand should ideally be made of durable stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and heat. Machines from reputed brands have wands that provide 60 percent greater extraction.

Heating Time

The time required for cold water to become hot is very important in deciding how productive the carpet wash process will be. The faster the mobile steam car wash equipment heats water, the faster is the cleaning, which is very important for an auto detailing business. Commercial upholstery cleaning machines can heat water within 15 minutes. They have high quality heating elements to help quicken the heating process.

If the carpets are not very dirty, you can save costs by purchasing a non-heated machine. These carpet cleaning machines are able to tackle most dirt found on carpets. The addition of an eco-friendly carpet detergent to the wash process will help remove light accumulations of grease, sugars, and similar substances from the carpet. 

Pay attention to all these factors when you purchase upholstery cleaning machines. All these features are very important in a machine. The best carpet cleaners from reputed brands will give you best results. Research the Internet thoroughly and choose the best brand. Do not buy a machine in a hurry. Buy only the one that is most suitable for your cleaning requirements in order to reduce the cleaning time and effort.

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