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Are You Well Equipped for Forklift Truck Cleaning?


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There are many types of pressure washing equipment available for washing forklift trucks, trailers, tractors, and similar vehicles. However, not every machine can claim to be right for forklift truck cleaning. Before you purchase a power washing machine for the purpose, you need to ask yourself if the machine will fulfill your requirements. Forklift truck cleaning requires machines with moderate pressure levels and high temperatures, which can eliminate dirt, drying, and grease from truck exteriors. They should also be durable and enable the operator to remove dirt quickly and thoroughly.

Grease is one of the most common problems that can be eliminated utilizing a machine that features high temperatures. Accumulation of grime, in the form of bird droppings, plant sap, and bug spatter, is a common problem that can be dealt with only if the machine you use creates high temperature.

High-quality forklift truck cleaning machines generate temperatures as high as 330°F. Even machines that support temperatures up to 250°F are sufficient for removing grease from forklift trucks. The engines, in particular, are often grimy with grease, combined with carbon black, which can only be removed with a higher quality power wash system.

These machines allow you to use cold water for cleaning, when the grime and grease is not very persistent. For better results, many contractors add a detergent to the cleaning process.

Portability is another important feature of any high-quality forklift truck cleaning machine. Mobility indicates that the machine can be carried around within a limited area or it can be mounted on a trailer and carried long distance. Contractors may need to travel to client location in order to clean trucks and, therefore, they need to choose a pressure washer that can be mounted on a trailer.

Commercial applications require auto detailing machines that are robust and productive. The robustness of the machine depends on the quality of its parts. Look for pressure washers with high-quality stainless steel heating parts rather than aluminum, and hoses that can withstand high pressure. Such versatile auto detailing systems are designed to withstand corrosion. This is very important keeping in mind that the pressure wash machine is often exposed to corrosive chemicals and acids.

Modern car wash equipment are designed to increase efficiency. The most advanced truck washing equipment, apart from higher pressure levels, feature other efficiency increasing characteristics. One is the automated shutting off of the system, if it is left idle for 30 seconds or more. This reduces wear and tear on the machine, and eliminates the need to walk back and forth to switch it off. The system restarts, when the trigger gun is pulled.

Temperature control is another way to improve efficiency. The same machine allows the operator to use different water temperatures for cleaning. Car pressure washers feature moderate pressure levels, up to 1500 psi. Car wash equipment may also feature lower flow rates, up to 0.5 gpm. If water availability and drainage is not likely to be a problem, you can use car pressure washers with flow rates as high as 5 gpm. Truck washing equipment should be chosen with care, so that these can be used for years and are resistant to wear and tear, corrosion, and other types of damage.



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