Are Your Rug Steam Cleaners Damaging Your Rugs?

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Investing in rug steam cleaners requires some thought and research. It’s not enough to simply look for carpet cleaning units that will do the job right. You must consider the kind of carpets that need to be cleaned, as well as the effect the machine will have on the drying time for the carpet.

It’s best to look for carpet cleaning units that are eco-friendly, as they will provide top-grade cleaning efficiency without leaving behind harsh fumes or toxic traces after cleaning. Prior to investing in any kind of carpet cleaning unit, it’s important to ensure that the carpets aren’t sensitive to certain kinds of cleaning.

Heat Damage
The truth is that rug steam cleaners can only be used on certain carpets that aren’t sensitive to high heat. These units use heated water to loosen and dissolve stubborn stains and build-ups that may have settled deep into the carpet. In many cases this kind of heated cleaning is very effective and can remove hardened sediments that conventional cleaning methods may not be able to tackle. These units use hot water to remove dirt and sediments. This means that they are not only efficient, they are also eco-friendly, and leave no chemical fumes or traces behind after cleaning.

Unfortunately, some carpets are very sensitive to the heat generated by rug steam cleaners. Some natural fibers like wool have a tendency to shrink when exposed to high temperatures. Certain fibers may melt or get damaged in other ways if they are treated with hot water. In these cases, heated carpet cleaning units shouldn’t be used. Instead, cold water rug carpet cleaner units can be used, coupled with eco-friendly cleaning agents. These will work to remove deep-seated stains and deposits, without damaging the carpet in any way.

Keeping the Water Flow Low
Whether you’re looking for rug steam cleaners or cold water carpet cleaning machines and commercial carpet cleaners, another aspect to consider is water usage. Carpet extractors that use large volumes of water during cleaning will leave the carpet very damp afterwards. This can pose a big problem in terms of drying, since it can take a very long time for the carpet to dry out completely. Portable carpet cleaners that use a lot of water to clean can lead to problematic drying times, especially in humid climates and places with poor ventilation.

This is why it’s best to use carpet extractors and commercial carpet cleaners that use less water during cleaning. These carpet cleaning machines will rely more on extraction powers to remove dirt and sediment from the carpet. Rug steam cleaners and portable carpet cleaners that use low water flow technology will leave the carpets less damp after cleaning. This will allow them to dry out thoroughly and quickly, sometimes taking just a few hours drying time. Not only is this much more convenient, it also lowers the chances of mold and germs settling in the damp carpet after cleaning. Since these carpets have a chance to dry out more thoroughly, there is no risk of foul odors either.

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