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Areas Most Prone to Winter Storm Water Can Benefit from Temporary Erosion Control


Winter can be a beautiful time of year. Generally, there are nice, brief storms and maybe some snow, and everything is fine. But occasionally, we get hit hard with storms that just won’t let up, such as when it rains for days or feet of snow come down—we are left to deal with the consequences. All too often, those consequences involve too much water, despite the work put into designing our cities and towns.

It’s a known fact that big weather events can spell overload for storm water systems. And if temporary erosion control is not put into action to combat overload, there can be problems—even when there is just more water than normal, we can see trouble spots crop up.

Here are some of the biggest problem areas for winter storm water flooding, all of which can benefit from temporary erosion control measures.

Sports fields and schools

Many schools and sports fields have large areas of flat land that are prone to rising storm water levels. Though we don’t often think of flat areas as a flood risk, they are. Too much water buildup can overwhelm drainage routes and leave a soccer field looking like a small lake. Not to mention the fact that no matter how flat an area looks, it always has some dips and imperfections that can quickly allow for pooling water.

Backyard pools

It may sound silly, but pools add an area of complexity to a property, especially when it comes to storm water. Think about it—a pool is meant to hold water. When it rains too much, water will overtake the walls of the pool and begin to spread outward. If your pool was not properly installed or such an event was not anticipated, your home could be at risk of flooding, too.

Urban areas

Densely populated areas are breeding grounds for serious flood and storm water events. They are coated in concrete and asphalt that keeps water from soaking in, and drains are only able to pull away so much water in optimal conditions. Leaves, sticks, garbage and other debris can all derail a drain’s ability to keep up. This can lead to flooding and costly damage.

Creeks and rivers

Any water source can swell during heavy storms. Creeks can quickly turn into torrents, and rivers can breach their banks and head inland. During heavy rains or following heavy snowfall, be sure to keep a close eye on moving water sources for signs of dangerous flooding.

Luckily, for all this bad news, the good news is that pre-planning and preparation can head off problems like erosion and property damage. Both permanent and temporary solutions are available to protect both city infrastructure and personal property. But why wait until the water starts to rise and cause damage to take action? You do have options—like innovative cable concrete mat technology from IECS—available to you year-round.

This winter, don’t let storm waters take hold of typically flood prone areas in your town. Whether your need is temporary erosion control or permanent erosion control, the team at International Erosion Control Systems, Inc. is ready to help. Contact us today!

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