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Areas Where Revetment Mats Can Provide Structure and Ground Stability


First things first—what does the term revetment mean in relation to erosion control? Well, revetments are like sloping walls placed just right to block or drain invading water before it can destroy a surrounding ground, like riverbanks, beaches, cliffs and man-made waterways. Containing articulated concrete, a revetment mat installation—consisting of one or more pieces—is the completed product of a cable concrete mat system that has been installed in a compromised area where land meets water.

With that in mind, here are some areas where revetment mats can provide structure and ground stability:

  • Access roads: Both large spans of open private and public properties are likely to have established access roads, which may be prone to flooding. These roads are just like they sound—roads that can access other areas within a larger area. You will find access roads in places like parks, down by the river and throughout farmlands.
  • Riverbanks: As the water level in a river rises, the greater the chance for soil erosion up on the banks. You may see slopes at the edge of your local riverbanks, and if you visit the same spot often, you may notice the bank hollowing out or changing shape. With the right type of cable concrete mat installation, a bank can be stabilized, while still protecting the ecosystem.
  • Coastlines: Along popular beaches and deserted coastlines is where you are likely to witness erosion. While this is undoubtedly due to ocean water slamming against shorelines over time, encroaching building developments can also be a contributor.
  • Boat ramps: Some boat ramps are more angled than others. But no matter the slope grade, you don’t want to create an erosion issue because an all-in-one ramp was not installed. A revetment mat system can protect the bank and act as a useful surface. A revetment mat is articulated concrete built strong for soil erosion control, making it perfect for boat ramps.
  • Backyard slopes: If you have a hill or a sloped section of land on your property that’s close to your home, you could be in danger of flooding. The rain has to go somewhere, and that “somewhere” is down the slope. Consider a controlled concrete revetment mat system to protect your home.
  • Landfills: From non-biodegradable materials to liquefying waste, there’s a lot going on in our landfills every day. And while revetment mat systems are successful in stabilizing landfill ground and adding traction to keep large machinery from tumbling off the edge of heavily sloped work areas, they are also fantastic at directing storm water. These convenient mats are installed in-ground and molded and shaped to act as a channel for water to move away to prevent landfill soil erosion.

These are just some areas where erosion control systems are commonly used. But, if you live near a potentially compromised area of land—that is, a place where land meets a sizable or moving water source—you may want to bring in the professionals. For answers to your questions about how your project can benefit from a revetment mat installation, contact International Erosion Control Systems Inc., the experts in cable concrete mat systems.

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