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Argonide/Toyota – Electropositive filtration technology in automobile manufacturing applications

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Argonide Corporation began as an organization focused on the production and sale of nanopowders. By definition, nanopowders are extremely small particles (less than 0.1 micron) of materials such as nickel, copper, iron, alumina, gold, etc. These materials are in demand by research and development groups within both the public and private sectors. To date, the company is still involved in this active, although limited arena.

It became clear that the future success of Argonide was not in nanomaterials themselves, but in full-scale commercialization of a product based on nanotechnology. Through several years of extensive R&D, discussions with the U.S.E.P.A., and the use of several grants from NASA, we created a non-woven filter media.

This media is naturally electropositive and doesn’t require an outside electrical source or chemical additives to function. The next step in our continued evolution as a company was to incorporate this innovation into a product line which we have trademarked as NanoCeram. The result is that in 2005, Argonide developed a full line of pleated NanoCeram water filter cartridges based on our unique and innovative form of electropositive filtration technology. This innovation led to the induction of our filters into the exclusive Space Technology Hall of Fame. In late 2006, Argonide licensed Ahlstrom Filtration for the worldwide rights to manufacture, market and sell filter media (as roll stock) based on Argonide’s technology. Ahlstrom now produces this media under their tradename of Disruptor. To date, this highly synergistic relationship has led to new innovations including the more recent NanoCeram-PAC.

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