Arica Pago de Gomez, Chile - Case Study


Courtesy of Adedge Water Technologies, LLC

Fast Facts

  • Contaminant: Arsenic
  • Flow Rate: 2.5 MGD

In November 2011, AdEdge Water Technologies was contacted byXylem Inc to design, supply and start up an arsenic treatment system for Aguas del Altiplano in Pago de Gomez, Arica-Chile. The Pago de Gomez Water Treatment Plant added an arsenic treatment unit to its existing water treatment system. Aguas del Altiplano employed XylemInc to coordinate the project. The capacity of the system is 1760 gpm and it is designed to reduce arsenic levels from 0.018 mg/l to 0.010mg/l.

The approach for removing arsenic at the Pago de Gomez site inChile utilizes an AD26 coagulation & filtration system Model APU26-8472CS-9-AVH. The system is be completely packaged, pre-piped,instrumented, and automated. The system consists of nine (9) parallel units, on three skids of three (3) vessels each that will utilize ourADGS+ filtration media. The process utilizes a chlorine feed and an iron salt (ferric chloride) that is injected ahead of the treatment vessels to combine with and coagulate the dissolved arsenic in the raw water.A filterable particle is formed and subsequently removed in the ADGS+ media bed. The ADGS+ is a silica based media with a hybrid manganese dioxide component. This technology efficiently coprecipitates and removes the arsenic in the water as it passes through the fixed bed of media.

The system is fully equipped with automated control valves and harness, central control panel with programmable logic controller(PLC) and a color user interface screen. System features also differential pressure switches, control panels and local gauges, flow sensors and totalizers, and a central hydraulic panel with sample ports for a complete functioning packaged unit.

The system was shipped to the site in April of 2012. Installation and started up in July 2012.

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