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Army National Guard Training Center Sustainment Initiative

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The 2002 Defense Authorization Act, requires a comprehensive assessment of unexploded ordnance, discarded military munitions, and munitions constituents located at current and former defense sites. To support this requirement, the Army National Guard (ARNG) is conducting a assessment of the environmental vulnerabilities at its Training Centers. The goals of the assessment include providing Installation Commanders an environmental sustainment profile of their installations as well as the ability for ARNG to prioritize Training Centers based on environmental vulnerabilities.

The areas of focus were derived from the Sustainment Considerations listed in the October through December 2000 Quarterly Readiness Report to the Congress and after a review of the unique challenges of ARNG Training Centers. The Considerations include Water Resources, Urban Growth/Encroachment, Threatened and Endangered Species (T&E Species), Air Quality, Noise, and other areas of focus important to the sustainability of an ARNG Training Center. Data to support the assessments were collected from Army and NGB databases as well as Range Development Plans, ICRMPs, and INRMPs; and GIS sources. The information used from these sources includes the type and volume of munitions fired at each Training Center, the constituents contained in those munitions, hydrogeology; soil, rainfall, vegetation, T&E Species, noise, encroachment, and regulatory compliance status. The system will consolidate the data and store it in a data warehouse that will provide query and report capabilities. The system will also provide ranking models that overlay operational activities on the environmental profile. The 2 ranking models will allow ARNG’s decision makers to prioritize resources to ensure the sustainability of the Training Centers. The applicable data to support the queries and sustainability evaluations will be displayed on GIS maps.

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