Army Truck Wash Depot case study


Courtesy of BioprocessH2O

The Problem: The Army Truck Wash Depot had a trickling filter that was not capable of handling the organic loading generated by heavy vehicle wash operation. The tricking filter was channeling the wastewater due to media that had been crushed by the weight of the biomass that could not be sloughed off. As a result, the ability to treat the wastewater for BOD reduction could not meet the NPDES permit requirements.

The Solution: In 2010, bioprocessH2O supplied a two-stage bioFAS Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) biological treatment process to reduce BOD on a single-pass at elevated flow rates. BioprocessH2O partnered with local consulting engineers and contractors to install the project.

Status/Results: The bioFAS Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor System effectively removes BOD down to direct discharge limitations and handles variable flow and loading conditions on a single pass with minimal operator attention.

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