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Artificial lake in Swanscombe, Kent Project - Case Study


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A former quarry for cement production is being transformed into a residential area, with 6250 homes, various shops and parks, and an enormous lake. That, in a nutshell, is the megaproject that Trisoplast played a crucial role in 2009. We lined the bottom of the nearly 18-hectares-large lake with Trisoplast to ensure there would be absolutely no risk of groundwater contamination.

Exceptional project
There are many sides to landscaping. At Trisoplast, we have deployed our expertise in this field in countless different projects, but being part of the construction of a brand new village is always special. Towards the end of the 20th century, the former Eastern Quarry, a limestone pit near Swanscombe, only a stone’s throw from London, was part of a very special zoning plan: the former quarry bottom, surrounded by cliffs, was to be redeveloped as a modern residential community. The design brief called for 6250 homes, various shops and parks, and a lake.

A perfect job for Trisoplast
The lake was to be 18 hectares large. Because it was to be created above a groundwater protection area, that provides many families with drinking water, the sealing would have to meet the most stringent requirements. The lake ends in a high cliff face, along the top of which runs a busy motorway. This was clearly the perfect job for Trisoplast. We laid down a 7-centimetre-thick barrier and covered this with geotextile and a surface layer of about 100-300 centimetres thick. The Trisoplast perfectly sealed the joins between the lake bed and the surrounding cliffs. The project was so large that we mixed the product on site using our mobile mixer. We worked quickly and efficiently and the result is stunning!

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