Asbestos the Problem and the Solution

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Courtesy of BLDGTEC

DON’T DISTURB THE ASBESTOS by removal, disposal and buried in Our environment, this consider to be ( Hazardous solution ) but the Practical and safer solution from our evaluation as BLDGTEC IS “ ASPESTOS ENCAPSULATION ” by using our unique NUKOTE COATING SYSTEMS. It is well documented that improper removal of asbestos can be far more hazardous than if the asbestos is not removed at all.

Our Research and Development in BLDGTEC find out that it could be Possible to contain and encapsulate asbestos to insure 100% seal with long life, more than 30 years, And with added value to the building such as waterproofing, architectural features and significant support to the structure.

Our System of encapsulation is to use “NUKOTE COATING SYSTEMS” range of products and we recommend “Nukote ST” because it has.

Very high technical features not comparable with any coating system ever exist. By applying this unique material of pure polyurea to overcome the problem of asbestos fibers released we insure 100% asbestos seal.

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