Asian markets prove receptive to Wallingford software

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AW: Could you tell us in brief about the capabilities of Wallingford Software?

AB: Wallingford Software is one of the world’s leading developers of hydraulic network modelling and asset management software for the water industry. Recognized for its technical excellence and capabilities, the company’s solutions are the preferred choice for many leading water engineering consultancies, utilities and government bodies around the world.

Wallingford Software offers the most comprehensive range of integrated software solutions in the water industry.

InfoWorks comprises a number of distinct, yet related, software applications for the modelling of water and wastewater networks. InfoWorks WS for water supply and distribution; InfoWorks CS for wastewater collection systems; InfoWorks SD for stormwater networks, and InfoWorks RS for the fast and accurate modeling of river and channel systems. An integrated 2D module is available for the modelling of overland flows in InfoWorks CS, SD or RS.

Other solutions include FloodWorks, which provides real-time simulation and forecasting of extreme hydrological and hydraulic conditions within river basins, drainage systems and the coastal zone; and InfoNet, an asset and data management system for water networks water supply, water distribution, wastewater collection, sewers and storm waters.

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